Also known as “creeping speedwell”, Veronica is a tiny lobed flower growing in my lawn. I look forward to seeing this little thing even though it is technically a weed. The flower is tiny, only a few millimeters across. You need to look closely, probably even kneel or stoop on the lawn to see how pretty it is.

(An entry of “Weed and Wildflower Wednesday”)



I don’t like the clickbait posts which I see on social media, so, of course, I had to make one of my own.


404 Errors and Site Cleanup

spray cleaner

Maintaining a website is not too difficult, but it does benefit from some periodic cleanup. Occasionally, I make a typo and other times I mangle a link. No matter what the problem, it is a bother to anybody who visits the site. Therefore, I watch the error logs and make an effort to find a fix.

Recently, I noticed that somebody, probably a bot, is trying to take control of the site by doing a login. It isn’t the first time, but it is the first time I’ve decided to to write notes about it.

There are unscrupulous people out there. Some of them write software to cruise the Internet for sites where they can plant malware to spread it more widely. In geek terms, they want to “pwn” the site. They want to “OWN” it. I don’t want them to succeed, but I dislike the 404 errors.

The logs recently showed that “someone” has tried to access a folder called “login” 59 times, 2 times just this week. Up until today, that folder has not existed, which caused the webserver software to generate the error, affectionately known as a “404 – File not found” error. I am not happy when my typos have caused a useful file to not work, especially when somebody wants to access my 3D printing stuff. I’m equally unhappy that the creeps want to capture my site.

My solution for a typo is easy. I fix it. A broken link, also easy if the file is mislabeled on my site.

For the missing login folder, the solution was to make one, and to fill it with a couple of files designed to waste the time of a bot, or to inform a visiting human of the reason they won’t get in by this pathway.

You are welcome to go see the new pages and try to log in yourself. No matter what you enter into the form, the same message comes up again and again.

Just in case you want to see it, I’ve also created a custom 404 error page. I think that it is better to make the missing file give more back than just a numbered error. I recommend everybody with a website set up one of their own.


Yesterday was a long day thanks to the NFL Playoff schedule. The Patriots faced the Tennessee Titans at Foxboro, but the game did not start until 8:35. We stayed up until almost 12:00 to survive the experience, figuratively as well as literally. The Pats won 35-14 and will go on to the AFC Championship next weekend. That game starts at a more sane time in mid-afternoon.

Popularity (or infamy) leads teams to be scheduled in prime time. The fans on the US west coast don’t have to watch a game while eating brunch. We eastcoasters must stay up late!

I’m tired this morning as I go through the weekly task of updates here, there and everywhere.

Go Pats!



Each of us is unique, whether or not we share our looks with a twin or our name with hundreds of others.

Celebrate that.

Today’s Word of the Day, onomast, was new to me, and appears to be a profession which involves linguistics and history, geography and name studies in some combination. There does not appear to be an onomastics degree.