Yesterday was a long day thanks to the NFL Playoff schedule. The Patriots faced the Tennessee Titans at Foxboro, but the game did not start until 8:35. We stayed up until almost 12:00 to survive the experience, figuratively as well as literally. The Pats won 35-14 and will go on to the AFC Championship next weekend. That game starts at a more sane time in mid-afternoon.

Popularity (or infamy) leads teams to be scheduled in prime time. The fans on the US west coast don’t have to watch a game while eating brunch. We eastcoasters must stay up late!

I’m tired this morning as I go through the weekly task of updates here, there and everywhere.

Go Pats!




Each of us is unique, whether or not we share our looks with a twin or our name with hundreds of others.

Celebrate that.

Today’s Word of the Day, onomast, was new to me, and appears to be a profession which involves linguistics and history, geography and name studies in some combination. There does not appear to be an onomastics degree.