dated North American
A cowboy.

Early 19th century alteration of vaquero.


A buckaroo does not need to ride the bucking bronco to be a successful cowboy.


Free Expression

Today, I have the strong impression
That we need to fight repression
So for this little rhyming session
I advocate for free expression.

For these words I will not charge
Revolutionary idea or workaday barge?
An impact small or maybe large?
You will decide, Not Madame Defarge.

These times are ours to close inspect
Forthright decisions over indirect
Ours the wise choices to select
Lest our planet should be wrecked.

(CLMOOC Poetry Port Day 16 – Free Expression)



Relating to or popular with tourists.


Tom’s town was just too rustic
To ever be touristic.
Broad fields of dust, thick.
And little else, don’t do the trick.



Small fish in the net
Is the best that we can get
If we’re dry upon the sand,
But we have hopes more grand.

If it is our deepest wish
To haul in the big fish
We must take on the chore,
And sail away from shore.

Once land is out of sight
Sometimes through the night
Real fear is no stranger.
We know there can be danger.

We make good plans to be safe
Though the life vest still may chafe
A slip, a trip, avast, a flip
We’re off the bobbing ship.

Our work is never easy
And we often do get queasy
But now there is black dread
We expect soon to be dead.

Waves rise, splash and smash
And over us they crash
No, this, now, is no joke
As, on thick water, we choke.

Shallow, cold and salty
Our breath becomes faulty
Wet inhale, then sputter
Weak shouts our best utter.

But that is good enough
Real sailors, they are tough
And watch out for each other
Both for sister and for brother.

Our feeble cries are heeded.
Friends know just what is needed
Line thrown, and toss of a ring
A reach, hand grasped, just the thing.

Again upon the solid planks
Blanket wrapped and giving thanks
With some release of honest stress
It’s time to think and reassess.

In spite of all real dangers
We are not alone with strangers
We’re back in our right place
With a refreshed sense of grace

With a shaky rasp and shudder,
Grab tight again the rudder.
A deep breath, perhaps a sob,
Then we’re back to do the job.
Poetry Port Commission for @anna_phd



1 The passage by which air reaches a person’s lungs.
1.1 A tube for supplying air to a person’s lungs in an emergency.
1.2 A ventilating passage in a mine.
2 A recognized route followed by aircraft.
2.1 Used in names of airlines such as ‘British Airways’


An accent to her wheezing
As I listen to her breathing?
It’s just one of those days,
Listening to British airways.