Image Update

After I’d posted this morning’s Word of the Day, I went off to do Saturday Stuff™.

When I returned, I glanced at the image I’d posted. I wasn’t comfortable with it. It looked “wrong”. Instead of editing the morning’s post, I decided to add one to briefly describe my process of changing the clipart to look better to me, and I hope you as well.

The pot has not changed significantly, but as I thought about this morning’s post, I got less than comfortable with the clash of perspectives between the pot which was drawn almost straight on and the pill bottle which I had simply imported from its earlier use.

I use Inkscape, a piece of Free Software (FLOSS) developed for users who don’t want to “paint” but rather build designs from overlaying elements to make the final design. Each element is editable. That’s a key feature of the software.

In this case, it allowed me to go back to my design and change the elements so they showed the pill bottle with an angle more closely matching the pot.

modified image original image

While I was at it, I made a small adjustment to the design running across the middle of the  pot, giving it a slight curve.

The point of this post is to provide you a reason to look at Inkscape for yourself, especially if you are reluctant to try to be artistic. Give yourself a chance. Don’t be put off by your early work with it (or any software you have just started to explore).



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