1 mass noun – The fact or quality of being different, divergent, or inconsistent.
count noun – ‘the stylistic variances of classical dance’
1.1 The state or fact of disagreeing or quarrelling.
1.2 Law – count noun A discrepancy between two statements or documents.
1.3 Statistics – A quantity equal to the square of the standard deviation.
2 US Law – An official dispensation from a rule or regulation, typically a building regulation.

Middle English via Old French from Latin variantia ‘difference’, from the verb variare (see vary).


Variance from the norm is common. That does not mean being “different” is accepted. Groups have their rules, written and unwritten. We face peril if we defy expectations.


Each of us is unique
With our own special tweak.
No matter what you seek,
I will remain a geek.

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