Brief Bursts of Rhyme


In the morning, if I stumble,
I do much more than grumble.
Because it’s time to take a chance,
To sing out loud and even dance.


Sunny, sunny skies
With wind just more than sighs.
Days like this, a prize.
And just too cold for flies!


Today’s coffee, perhaps a weak blend.
Sit a while and things mend.
Work mail? Hold off tapping send,
Because it is THE WEEKEND!

Some mornings, waking early, ideas churn. Some, in my experience, demand expression in rhyme.

Long form poetry seems to expect an extended, winding, connected flow. Maybe once in a while my thoughts will cohere enough for that, though it is generally in explanatory writing when that happens. I was a science and computer skills teacher for most of my 36 year career.

Creativity can come in sustained efforts, but I try not to miss the opportunity to express these brief bursts!

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