/ˈhɛmɪsfɪə/ [heh-mee-sveer]
1 A half of a sphere.
1.1 A half of the earth, usually as divided into northern and southern halves by the equator, or into western and eastern halves by an imaginary line passing through the poles.
1.2 A half of the celestial sphere.
1.3 Each of the two parts of the cerebrum (left and right) in the brain of a vertebrate.

Late Middle English (in the sense ‘half the celestial sphere, the sky’): from Old French emisphere, via Latin from Greek hēmisphairion, from hēmi- ‘half’ + sphaira ‘sphere’.


We must skitter across half the globe to explore the southern hemisphere.
(Well, actually we probably didn’t actually start at the north pole.)


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