/dɪˈlʌɪt/ [dee-light]
[with object]
1 Please (someone) greatly.
1.1 delight in – no object – Take great pleasure in.
mass noun
1 Great pleasure.
1.1 count noun A cause or source of great pleasure.

Middle English from Old French delitier (verb), delit (noun), from Latin delectare ‘to charm’, frequentative of delicere. The -gh- was added in the 16th century by association with light.


It snowed seven inches overnight.
I admit, to my great delight.
I’m a kid at heart, though now my toy
Is a snow blower, not the sled of a boy.

For me the forecast is good,
More snow to come. It should,
.They say, be light until lunch.
After that, it may snow a bunch.

It may be colder still tonight,
To change all that moisture to white.
So tomorrow morning, once more
The blower will down the driveway roar.


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