1 shackles – A pair of fetters connected together by a chain, used to fasten a prisoner’s wrists or ankles together.
1.1 A situation or factor that restrains or restricts someone or something.
2 A metal link, typically U-shaped, closed by a bolt, used to secure a chain or rope to something.
2.1 A pivoted link connecting a spring in a vehicle’s suspension to the body of the vehicle.

[with object]
1 Chain with shackles.
1.1 Restrain; limit.

Old English sc(e)acul ‘fetter’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schakel ‘link, coupling’.


Only a fool will cackle
When you put him in a shackle.
If you put a few together,
They’ll dance in any weather.

They’ll jump and prance, whee!
To you entrance, see?
To any well-sung music.
It’s a truly special trick.


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