(excerpt from much larger list of definitions)

1.1 usually flats – An area of low level ground, especially near water

1.3 A shoe with a very low heel or no heel.


Maggie meandered in her flats along the flats beside the river.

Author’s note: This blog is serving as something of an archive of Words of the Day. It wasn’t the first place where I contributed such words and illustrations. The “Internet Book Database of Fiction” http://ibdof.com/viewtopic.php?f=1793&t=1434

I was not the original word poster, but had been doing the posts there for a long time. Unfortunately, the server suffered some kind of software meltdown and from August 2020 until today, the forum was not accessible. This note is to celebrate that the forum is back and these words, beginning with today’s will be there.

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