Word of the Day


Pronunciation /anəˈlɪtɪks/

plural noun
treated as singular or plural
1 The systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.
1.1 Information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics.


Pervasive automated observation can provide probable cause for investigation by applying surveillance analytics.

For anyone who follows this Word of the Day series of posts, you may note that today’s illustration is built from several components, most of which have been created in the past and put to use again in this combination about data analytics.

Creating the individual elements is almost always a daily part of my routine. I enjoy using Inkscape, the Free Software illustration program. It allows better results than I could ever accomplish with a freehand drawing program. In many cases, a word gets a new clipart fit to the needs of the day. Today, it was the license plate and the car which were new. Then it was a process of pulling useful clipart pieces from the past to combine them into this collage.

I would also recommend that you read the article from Wired Magazine’s web site which lead to the choice of this word. Surveillance is becoming automated in ways which are complicated and thought provoking.

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