(note spelling updated from “cutellation”)

Word of the Day


1 approaching the complicated, in small steps
1.1 the act of dealing with an overwhelming or difficult task by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable parts. ( May 1, 2020)

(This is potentially a neologism for English. It isn’t listed at or elsewhere as an English word.)

From Larousse, the French dictionary:

“Cultellation – Chaînage opéré sur un terrain très en pente à l’aide d’une fiche plombée qu’on laisse tomber de l’extrémité de la chaîne tendue horizontalement.”

Chaining operated on a very sloping ground using a leaded plug which is dropped from the end of the chain stretched horizontally.


Today, I had the opportunity to apply this term, cultellation, while explaining some concepts in electronics…amazingly, just before encountering the word in a poem on social media. I was immediately down the rabbit hole of Internet research to chase down the term and understand how I might fit it into my life…not to mention here in the WotD forum!


[Some people are prone to complain about social media, but maturity (maybe just old age) has provided me the tools (which I don’t always use) to filter the dreck from the value as the stream flows by.]

[[Today’s word, illustration, etc. does not represent the effort involved in every post. This one occupied overlapping efforts which involved almost four cumulative hours. Some days, with re-use of part of an older illustration, it may be a 20 minute process.]]

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