Word of the Day


(also kinsfolk) (US kinfolks)
Pronunciation /ˈkɪnfəʊk/
plural noun
1 (in anthropological or formal use) a person’s blood relations, regarded collectively.
1.1 A group of people related by blood.


Having a really small family limits the reasons to use the word [b]kinfolk[/b]. Distant cousins exist, but are out of touch. The result is having a “family shrub” instead of a significant tree.

Words, all fine,
Are not just mine.
Please use them free;
Do just like me.

Or do it better
Yourself unfetter.
Spring forward;
Even be untoward.

Yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s,
Expressing the mundane, or bright joys, deep sorrows,
Wordsmiths, poets and authors galore,
We will always, always need more.

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