Word of the Day


Pronunciation /ˈpʌŋ(k)tʃə/
1 A small hole in a tyre resulting in an escape of air.
1.1 A small hole in something such as the skin, caused by a sharp object.
[with object]
1 Make a puncture in (something)
1.1 no object Sustain a puncture.
2 Cause a sudden collapse of (mood or feeling)

Late Middle English from Latin punctura, from punct- ‘pricked’, from the verb pungere. The verb dates from the late 17th century.


At this very juncture
I do not wish to puncture
The rising balloon of your plan,
Though it’s clear I easily can.

Instead let me just suggest
That you think what might be best,
Not just what is expedient,
For your ultimate ingredient.

Consider your intended guests
Yes, they’ve come expecting zests
But they’re still seeking your best cooking.
It’s not ’cause you’re good looking.

So please hold off from excess
Avoid a terrible mess.
Sidetrack that full wheelbarrow
Of blazing hot habanero.

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