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Pronunciation /dɪˈmɛntɪd/
1 Suffering from dementia.
1.1 British informal Behaving irrationally due to anger, distress, or excitement.

Mid 17th century past participle of earlier dement ‘drive mad’, from Old French dementer or late Latin dementare, from demens ‘out of one’s mind’.



Dean didn’t decide to be demented.
All wished it could have been prevented.
Very soon after it began to show
It was, by his family, deeply resented.

He didn’t always have retention
Of things his wife might mention.
And often, while he watched TV,
He didn’t really pay attention.

If you ask him about his reading books
He might shrug or give you dirty looks
He’d read the same page over and again
Like well-loved recipes from his favorite cooks.

While no one ever thinks it’s fair
Eventually he just will not be there
Though his body may still work
His brain, his mind, won’t even care.

One thought on “demented

  1. Personally, I am fascinated by beings you may be familiar with created by J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter books called the Dementors, evil creatures that turn people into demented shells of humans. Between that and being described as looking like a “demented Hogwarts professor” when running through the halls during the outdoor graduation when we were hit by a microburst and racing to move everything and everybody indoors, I’d say demented is one of the more frequent words I use descriptively. Hope you are well and not particularly demented! 😉


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