Word of the Day


Pronunciation /kəmˈprɛs/ /ˈkɒmprɛs/
[with object]
1 Flatten by pressure; squeeze or press.
1.1 no object Be squeezed or pressed together or into a smaller space.
1.2 Squeeze or press (two things) together.
1.3 Express in a shorter form; abridge.
1.4 Reduce the dynamic range of (a sound signal).
1.5 Computing Alter the form of (data) to reduce the amount of storage necessary.
A pad of lint or other absorbent material pressed on to part of the body to relieve inflammation or stop bleeding.

Late Middle English from Old French compresser or late Latin compressare, frequentative of Latin comprimere, from com- ‘together’ + premere ‘to press’; or directly from compress- ‘pressed together’, from the verb comprimere.


There need be no distress
From having to compress
The definition, here, for space,
‘Cause we have lots of room in this expansive place…so I’ll even mess with the rhyme…sublime!

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