Tech Support

Servers in the background,
Humming electronic things
We out in the user world
Don’t notice their powerful wings.

Until the site we’re using
Crashes, goes offline, goodbye
That is, then, the exact moment
When we all begin to cry.

When the RAID drive dies
The bases of our data
Cannot be read out
Stilled wings, Tears brings.

Quick techs, things back to specs
Backups soon restored
Way too much stress for admins
But another tech win scored!

Late yesterday,, my social media “home”, went offline. It turned out to be a RAID drive failure in the data center, one under contract to, the service provider behind the scenes for the community. After a stressful tech/admin period of time, the faulty drive was replaced, databases restored.

There are thousands of anonymous tech support people at work in the Internet’s data centers. I will never know any of you personally, I suspect. Nonetheless, I rely on you to do your tech wizardry on my behalf. Thank you.

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