Word of the Day


/əˈmend/ /əˈmɛnd/
transitive verb
[with object]
1 Make minor changes in (a text) in order to make it fairer, more accurate, or more up-to-date.
1.1 Modify formally, as a legal document or legislative bill.
1.2 Make better; improve.
1.3 archaic Put right.

Middle English from Old French amender, based on Latin emendare (see emend).


When composing yet another rhyme
I attempt to wash off all the grime.
But, no matter how much time I spend
There’s always something to amend.

A single word to yank and change,
A line or two to rearrange,
The hope, of course, is to make it better
Before I send it off inside a letter.

Even once that step’s been taken
I’ll glance again, feeling shaken.
Take a deep breath and let out a hiss,
Some cadence is off, still seems amiss.

Will adding a final stanza here
Make the intent quite clear?
Or will you wish you’d overlooked
A poem that’s been overcooked?

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