Word of the Day


Pronunciation /ˌsabəˈtəː/
A person who engages in sabotage.

1920s French, from the verb saboter (see sabotage).


Sebastian yearned to be a saboteur, erroneously thinking it meant a maker of wooden shoes. He had not bothered to look up sabotage*, foolishly thinking that online dictionaries should make life easier than paper ones.

[Just in case, I did check: sabotage – verb – [with object] – Deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage.]

[A further quick search does not reveal a special name for a person who makes wooden shoes. Unless someone reading this blog can enlighten us, we may need to be satisfied with shoemaker.]

[I suppose we might also say that online dictionaries, for practical reasons (reducing duplicate work), reflect the contents of the printed ones from which the definitions are taken. Still what clogs (pun intended) a paper dictionary would be great to find in a freshly designed online version.]


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