Word of the Day


Pronunciation /dɪˈnaʊns/
[with object]
1 Publicly declare to be wrong or evil.
1.1 Inform against.

Middle English (originally in the sense ‘proclaim’, also ‘proclaim someone to be wicked, a rebel, etc.’): from Old French denoncier, from Latin denuntiare ‘give official information’, based on nuntius ‘messenger’.


Archaic: Delate. Delay or just Delete?

I am not here to announce
That this practice we denounce.
We are not, here, afraid
To let some words just fade.
Language is a living thing
With changes as a routine thing.
So now, before it is too late,
We should use this word: delate.

[Here is where I reveal that I very nearly made the mistake of posting delate as the WotD, but it was used, by me, in July 2020. Having caught the near-error, I have no need to denounce myself.]


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