Word of the Day


char·​ac·​ter·​is·​tic | \ ˌker-ik-tə-ˈri-stik, ˌka-rik- \
1 a distinguishing trait, quality, or property the characteristics of this breed of dog
2 the integral part of a common logarithm
3 the smallest positive integer n which for an operation in a ring or field yields 0 when any element is used n times with the operation
revealing, distinguishing, or typical of an individual character


A distinguishing characteristic of a dandelion is the tubular stalk of its flower head. Other similar-looking weed flowers are the common hawkweeds whose flower stalks are not hollow.

[It also needs to be acknowledged that a dandelion does not be come to be seen as “distinguished” like a gentleman. It remains a weed most people wish to entirely remove from their property.]

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