Word of the Day


ech·​e·​lon | \ ˈe-shə-ˌlän \
1a(1) an arrangement of a body of troops with its units each somewhat to the left or right of the one in the rear like a series of steps
(2) a formation of units or individuals resembling such an echelon geese flying in echelon
(3) a flight formation in which each airplane flies at a certain elevation above or below and at a certain distance behind and to the right or left of the airplane ahead
1b any of several military units in echelon formation also : any unit or group acting in a disciplined or organized manner
2a one of a series of levels or grades in an organization or field of activity
2b a group of individuals at a particular level or grade in an organization or field of activity

The Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds are famous for their tight echelon formation flying.

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