Word of the Day


em·​bar·​rass | \ im-ˈber-əs, -ˈba-rəs \
embarrassed; embarrassing; embarrasses
transitive verb
1a to cause to experience a state of self-conscious distress
1b to place in doubt, perplexity, or difficulties
1c to involve in financial difficulties
2a to hamper the movement of
2b hinder, impede
3 to make intricate : complicate
4 to impair the activity of (a bodily function) or the function of (a bodily part) digestion embarrassed by overeating
intransitive verb
to become anxiously self-conscious he embarrasses easily


It does not embarrass me to say I love snow. I love to walk in it, letting it gather on my hat and shoulders. I love to push it aside with a shovel. I love to walk behind my snowblower watching the stuff shoot out of the chute and over onto the lawn. I love to clear my own driveway, the drives of my neighbors north and south, the sidewalks of the set of houses. An old retired dude can still have some fun, I guess.

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