Word of the Day


\ ə-ˈbyüz \
abused; abusing
transitive verb
1a to put to a wrong or improper use
1b to use excessively abuse alcohol also : to use without medical justification
2 to use or treat so as to injure or damage : maltreat
3 to attack in words : revile


There is little excuse
For a word’s misuse,
But with a pronunciation ruse,
I shall here, a word, abuse.

[In common English use, the verb and noun do not share the same pronunciation, leading to this quirky rhyme.]

I do not know how well this illustration works as a way to represent the abuse of a word. Maybe enough, in context. On its own, I am not so sure. Illustrating someone abusing another person or a pet, might have been more obvious, but it would also have been far more troubling to you who read this blog.

Generally, I let these word entries stand on their own, but an expanded thought seemed better this time.

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