First, let me call out those who read this blog. I thank you for taking time from your busy days to drop by, and to occasionally leave a note that you have dropped by.

A regular part of this blog is the illustrations which accompany the Word of the Day posts. They are mostly the result of my drawing vector graphics with Inkscape, a Free Software tool created by very talented, serious and playful developers who care about art, too. Martin Owens is one of those developers who reports on his efforts and those of others through a weekly series of videos.

Fonts (typefaces) are frequently an important part of the illustrations. I am grateful for the efforts of all the font designers who have chosen to create interesting typefaces which help express the tone of a given illustration.

I’d like to particularly mention Nate Piekos whose Blambot site offers Indie fonts for non-profit work like mine.

I make the attempt to work with Free Software to do my “thing”. I use a laptop with GNU/Linux (Kubuntu) as my operating system. It allows me to experiment in ways that proprietary tools would possible.

There are many more to thank, of course.

What are your favorite recommendations?

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