Word of the Day


in·​dif·​fer·​ent | \ in-ˈdi-fərnt, -f(ə-)rənt \
1a marked by a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern for something : apathetic
1b marked by no special liking for or dislike of something
2a being neither good nor bad : mediocre
2b being neither right nor wrong
3 being neither excessive nor inadequate : moderate
4 marked by impartiality : unbiased
5a that does not matter one way or the other
5b of no importance or value one way or the other
6 characterized by lack of active quality : neutral
7a not differentiated
7b capable of development in more than one direction especially : not yet embryologically determined


Bob was not indifferent. He really did care, but didn’t have the emotional capacity to engage.


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