Word of the Day


fa·​tigue | \ fə-ˈtēg \
1a : labor
1b : manual or menial work (such as the cleaning up of a camp area) performed by military personnel
1c fatigues plural : the uniform or work clothing worn on fatigue and in the field
2a : weariness or exhaustion from labor, exertion, or stress We were overcome by fatigue after the long hike.
2b : the temporary loss of power to respond that is induced in a sensory receptor (see receptor sense a) or motor (see motor entry 2 sense 1) end organ by continued stimulation
2c : a state or attitude of indifference or apathy brought on by overexposure (as to a repeated series of similar events or appeals)


Sandy was surprised by the level of fatigue she felt after only a mile run.

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