Word of the Day


cha·​ris·​ma | \ kə-ˈriz-mə \
1 a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (such as a political leader)
2 a special magnetic charm or appeal


His smile and charisma were highly visible
Though his policies were mostly risible.
He thought it was enough to be charismatic
With little sense of what was in his attic.

He gathered around him sycophants
Who cheered at his bizarre rants.
He pranced around the speaker’s stage
Building the audience into a rage.

He spoke ill of his opponents
Calling them out as rodents
Or other sorts of icky creatures
With really no redeeming features.

When we vote to see who gets elected
I really hope that he’s rejected.
I’m not a fan of all those voters
Who just want to be gun toters.

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