Sunday Haiku

A double dose today…

clouds fly past the moon
on the way to somewhere else
making fall leaves quake

recent rain water
lets grass pretend there’s still time
to put off autumn

The first release of these haiku happen on my Fediverse (Mastodon) account where a group of posts use the hashtag #SmallPoems. Sometimes those who work with poetry bounce their work back and forth to one another. This week, between the two haiku above, another person, @dogtrax, added a response to my first haiku of the day.

Trees, and broken leaves;
kindred spirits inside a
gentle heart, changing

That lead me to my second haiku of the day.

I want to thank those who follow this blog for their kindness in doing so.

Please consider joining a fediverse community (there are many). is more than just for those practicing the visual arts. is also a potential good fit. You “could” join, but that defeats the “federated” purpose of spreading people around to smaller, independent servers. Independent community servers allow those who can do so to directly support the administrators and moderation team of their chosen community. It is important to recognize that moderation by humans is one of the features of the fediverse. Abusive language and bad behavior are not tolerated. Repeated bad behavior is swiftly addressed. Offenders’ accounts may be canceled. As a result, it is possible to have a comfortable online experience.

In case you do not feel that you know enough to pre-select a server/community to join, head to where you’ll find solid information about finding your best place to start…and it is very easy to migrate later. The fediverse is a flexible social media experience. Take advantage of it.

If you decide to give it a try, please reach out and say hello.

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