Being Social

Safe greeters
At two meters
Or at many miles
Will still bring smiles.

To stay in touch
It means so much,
And in spite of distance,
Gives warmth and such.

Rhymes for sharing
Can show our caring
Connecting and asking
How an other’s faring.

Sunday Haiku

crusted windshield ice
that part of spring is not nice
warm sun will melt it

Yes, I can attribute some of my difficulty to atrophied arm muscles, but yesterday’s snow had crusted into a two-inch layer of ice which was as difficult to chip away as I’ve ever seen. If I had not turned on the car and the defroster fan to high, I might still be at the effort an hour later.


Stemming from some introspection,
Leading to more real reflection,
In spite of valid flaw detection,
I’ve decided to avoid dejection.

Though I recognize my limitations
While planning every day’s creations,
Finding words from many nations,
And sharing them with illustrations.

It’s a simple contribution
And you’re welcome it to shun
But for me, it’s a good solution
To the routine need for elocution.

(CLMOOC Poetry Port Day 28 – introspection)


I went to a university
Where there was adversity
Which came from academic challenges
Not from student diversity.

Working hard to learn my stuff
Did not require being gruff
As a matter of positive fact
Diversity of help was barely enough

To keep me from one-sided thinking
Or from going out often for drinking
Thank god for that broad range
Full of cultural mixing.

(Poetry Port Day 27)



You have the confidence
That you can pay your rents
And climb all the hills
So to pay off your bills.

But what would it take
Your certainty to break
What kind of mistakes
Would jam on the brakes?

On whom could you depend
If you had no cash to spend
What if your life depends
On the kindness of friends

Who would pick up the slack
So that you’d get back on track?
Do you have a village in which you live
To which you, too, can preemptively give?

(CLMOOC Poetry Port Day 26 – Confidence)