While it will have NO impact on those who routinely do me the kindness of clicking the buttons below these posts (for which I truly thank you), today was a day when almost nobody got an email from me. They got a respite from my old-style tech connection.

In the morning, when a newsy email goes out to some family and friends, my outgoing email stopped working. Every time I tried throughout the day, I’d get the same message, telling me the connection attempt had failed part way through.

I re-checked all my own email settings. Email was coming in just fine. I was able to log in to the web mail service and send from there, so it was clearly an issue with the service known as Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP). It’s been around since 1982, definitely “old tech”. Still, it appears one of the most dominant email providers, AOL can break it.

I hope I’ll find out what took most of the day to fix. Maybe I’ll even let you know what I find out.

You might not care, of course if you’re just here for my rhymes!

Visual Music Punning

Visual Music Punning

On December 30, 2019 a few of us in the fediverse had what I thought was an enjoyable exchange of visual punning with a music theme.

It began when I posted this:

the start

Things moved along over the next hour or so. Some of the response images were created on the fly.

Yes, good eye. You can see sharp.

For those who really wanted it, here’s the whole note.

From here on I’ll just be resting.

In keeping with the unofficial Fediverse/Mastodon Coda conduct, think this should come to an end.

Why can’t I just let things end?


[As you have certainly decided by now. I get wrapped up in my own foolishness. Go on, now. Get on with your own projects!]


I wish to acknowledge that I occasionally overlook parts of my self-imposed regimen of word posting here.

Every day gets quickly filled by preparing the illustration which goes with this post, and the post appears elsewhere, too. Sometimes I simply forget to do the post in the whole sequence of places. This one typically comes last in my sequence…and gets missed as other parts of life begin to crowd in around me.

I admit that the past weekend has been extra challenging as I tried to keep myself busy, avoiding the final days of media churn leading up to the Super Bowl. I guess I distracted myself from this job, too.

At least the SB won’t be a problem for about a year. Let’s see if I can remember my task here.