CLMooc Webring

This site has joined a webring for the online learning community CLMooc which has its home base at

The webring was established to replace the Google+ group which had provided members a common space to share.

Special thanks to Greg McVerry who set up the webring for the group.

To add your site to the ring, click the “Join” link in the graphic box below. It would also make sense to also become part of the Connected Learning group.

CLMOOC Webring

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Once there, you will find another Join link. Don’t just try to log in your first time there. Instead, look to the bottom of the login box and choose to register.


Follow up by adding the code which you get by email into either a widget of your blog site or perhaps in your footer code. I suspect that one of the activities the CLMooc group explores during the “official” summer 2019 activities will involve building the links of the web ring.