1 loose white jacket worn in Judo
2 A US Army soldier – 1930s (originally denoting equipment supplied to US forces): abbreviation of government (or general) issue.
3 abbreviation for glycemic index
4 abbreviation for gastrointestinal tract


“Gee,” said Gio as he cinched the white belt around his gi to prepare for the bout against another army GI. He hoped his pre-match high GI carbo-load would not get clogged in his GI tract.


Pronunciation /ˈɛkəʊrat/
informal Australian
An economic rationalist.
A person who supports the theory that efficiency and productivity should be the primary measures of economic success.

1990s abbreviation of economic rationalist.


I expect, especially as a retired person, that I will not be classified as an ecorat.


Pronunciation /riːɪtəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/
mass noun
The action of repeating something, typically for emphasis or clarity.


To make it clear I will restate (trying not to be redundant) my intentions with repetition, interation, and, also, too, reiteration.


Pronunciation /ˈɒfprʌɪs/
mass noun North American
A method of retailing in which branded goods (especially clothing) are sold for less than the usual retail price.
North American
Using the off-price method of retailing.


I say this with glee.
While it still isn’t free,
An off-price, you see
May be far from the MSRP

Unless an item is real hot
Selling it quick, just not.
Price tags marked with a red dot
Till a clearance sale is what you’ve got.

Morning Muddle

Friday morning
Came with no warning.
The end of my sleep
Made me silently weep.

With a last minute dash
I’ve put out the trash
To meet the town’s pickup
With nary a hiccup.

Next, time to work
But as a possible perk
Plans for the day
Can all go astray.


Pronunciation /ˈtəːbə(ʊ)tʃɑːdʒ/
[with object]
1 Equip (an engine or vehicle) with a turbocharger.
1.1 Make more powerful, fast, or exciting.


After another day of a skipping engine, today’s word is turbocharged!